The DAO of DeFi Builders

AdmiralDAO stewards a fleet of DeFi products, with Clipper as its flagship, tailored to the needs of specific traders and communities. Our collective purpose is to empower people to trade in free and fair markets. We believe it takes many kinds of builders to drive progress, and AdmiralDAO’s mission is to put the future of DeFi in the hands of ecosystem contributors.

The AdmiralDAO community is all about building.

A governance platform for affiliated projects to fulfill their regulatory requirements.

A contribution platform for anonymous DeFi users to commit work and ideas.

A monetization platform for DeFi builders to commercialize their efforts.

Treasury advisory to help DAOs earn reliable, above-market returns.

SAIL - The Governance Token of AdmiralDAO

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The AdmiralDAO Fleet

AdmiralDAO’s growing fleet heralds a sea change for DeFi. Each ship is committed to serving a specific type of DeFi user, creating an interconnected ecosystem of specialized products and services.


A DEX made for the self-made crypto trader. Clipper is designed to offer the best possible prices on small-to-medium sized trades (<$50k) while disadvantaging whales and arbitrageurs.

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A new and decentralized way to buy and sell NFTs at the best price. We guarantee the selling of your NFT in our auction, even if no one shows up.

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AdmiralDAO Membership

Phase 1 Governance

AdmiralDAO is supported by Admiralty LLC, a non-profit member-managed LLC domiciled in the Marshall Islands. The DAO controls a multisig wallet with several signers.

AdmiralDAO is as a DAO for builders, overseeing a diverse range of DeFi products customized for specific traders and communities. Members can actively participate by submitting and voting on AdmiralDAO Proposals ("APs") and ensuring their implementation. 

The guiding principles of AdmiralDAO

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Operational Efficiency

Streamlined processes, clear guidelines, and secure mechanisms for timely decision-making and implementation, benefiting the competitive DeFi ecosystem.



Communicating all governance processes, proposals, and voting outcomes openly to foster trust and accountability.



Empowering token holders and community participants in decision-making.


Power to the do-ers

Active contributors to building the governance system have a say.

Every Admiral is a Builder

It takes a broad range of skills to create a strong ecosystem. Some of the best DeFi “builders” are community leaders and evangelists, others are developers and founders. AdmiralDAO is a home to all builders who have something to contribute.

AdmiralDAO Roadmap

Why Become an Admiral?

AdmiralDAO members believe markets should be free and fair. It takes a community to make this happen. Through AdmiralDAO, members receive:

Improve existing DeFi protocols
Support in go-to-market strategies and operations for new DeFi launches
Maintain compliance within the evolving global regulatory framework
Contribute to legitimate, sustainable DeFi projects
Receive compensation and upside for your input
Our ecosystem